About Us

Kirstine Bergholdt Bjerre

Kogekone (professional home cook) for the last 13 years, farmer’s wife for the last 8 years and teaches cooking. Former implementation consultant who has always had a passion for good homemade food.

I have always worked as a kogekone in my spare time, and eight years ago we lived the dream of moving the country, and became a sustainable farmer and food writer with my own blog.

For the past three years we have had a constant flow of young people from all over the world who have lived in the farm, and they have all invited me to invest more in cooking and hostess work. So now it must be!

Now the farm must be the sanctuary where people can come and enjoy the good home-made food, nature and animals in peace and quiet. A breathing space from the busy life, and an opportunity to charge the batteries and get inspiration for small changes in everyday life that can make everyday life more sustainable. Or just a nice and spacious place to stay when you are on a trip.


Jan Nepper Bjerre

Farmer and Self-Employee. Part-time employment at Dambækgaard.

Assistant professor at Absalon university college in part-time. Teacher in business development, resource-focused guidance, organisational and change psychology, technological development, future public sector, innovation, social entrepreneurship, empowerment, and project management. Many years of experience as a mentor in self-development networks and thus with people in transformation processes. Trained historian.