Home Cook

We would like to come and cook for you so that you can have a nice party or dinner with friends.

We will work together with you to make the menu exactly as you like it.

We strive to cook with the season, because it gives both the best taste experience and is most sustainable. Therefore, we also deal with local green producers and use our own meat if you wish.

Examples of menus

Menu suggestions 1

Portion of fish tapas
Fejø salmon decorated with homemade green pesto
Stewed razor clams with lemon oil
Lemon sole fillets baked with fresh herbs and pancetta on a bottom of homemade tomato potatoes
Homemade ciabatta rolls with nigella seeds

Main course buffet:
Red wine marinated braised goat shoulder
Beef tenderloin wrapped in Serrano ham with fresh herbs
Honey and lemon marinated Bornholm cockerel
Asparagus salad with semi-dried tomatoes, feta and sun-dried black olives
Pea salad with sweet pears, hazelnuts and feta
Salad of oven-baked rhubarb, honey-walnut walnuts and baby spinach
Baby potatoes with three kinds of pesto: almond / chilli, foliage and red pesto of baked peppers
Slow-raised country bread

Dessert / Cheese:
Tomme de Savoie with homemade chilli gel
Gorgonzola with walnut honey
Homemade flutes [?] Small panna cotta with rhubarb syrup

Cover price: 225 DKK per person (min. 40 person)

Menu suggestions 2

Hot-smoked Klint salmon on a bed of fresh salads
In addition, homemade herb dressings can be chosen, or horseradish foam
Served with homemade wholegrain baguettes

Main course buffet:
Greek meatballs with fresh mint served with homemade tzatziki
Danish beef fillet rolled in dried mushrooms and fresh herbs, baked in Parma ham
Penne pasta with chicken, roasted mushroom, bacon and artichoke hearts in a creamy basil sauce
Salad of 3 kinds of melon in a chilli, lime, and coconut milk dressing, garnished with spring onion
Rocket salad with balsamic marinated strawberries, pine nuts and feta
New potatoes with homemade parsley pulp, almond and chilli pepper, and pesto of semi-dried tomatoes
Chickpeas salad with peppers and red onion
Homemade French country bread wheel

Confectionery chocolate cake [?] with rhubarb decorated with rhubarb syrup and lemon balm

Cover price: 225 DKK per person (min. 50 person)

Menu suggestions 3

Venison backstrap with spicy rhubarb sauce
Buttered new Danish potatoes covered in parsley
Asparagus salad with feta, olive and semi-dried tomatoes
Lemon fried baby chicken
Salad of fresh cabbage, crispy carrots and fresh fennel covered in a yoghurt dressing
Homemade slow-raised wholegrain wheat bread

Strawberry cake with elderflower custard

Cover price: 210 DKK per person (min. 35 person)

Menu suggestions 4

Portion of potato porridge soup with leek and bacon sprinkles served with homemade baguettes

Main course:
Watermelon salad with grilled chicken, pistachios, feta, mint and lime juice
Greek meatballs with homemade tzatziki
Baby potatoes shredded with fresh herbs and butter
Penne pasta with cherry tomatoes and beef fillet covered in a creamy basil sauce
Pea salad with sweet pears, feta and hazelnuts
Served with homemade foccacia

Cover price: 200 DKK per person (min. 30 person)

For more information contact: Kirstine Bergholdt Bjerre 61 72 06 09