Burning Love Muffins

An excellent alternative to the potato food in the packed lunch or just a small supplement to the rye bread and a new way of using leftovers of boiled potatoes.

100g diced bacon / lardons
100g butter
200g boiled potatoes
1 carrot – around 50g
2 eggs
150ml milk
1 tbls baking powder
50g rye flour
350g plain flour

1 packet of mozzarella for topping

Placed the bacon in a pan inside a cold oven, and lightly shaken while the oven is heated to 225°C.
When approx. half of the fat is melted from the bacon, add the butter and melt in the oven as well. After that, remove the pan.
Meanwhile, roughly tear the potatoes and finely slice the carrot.
Mix the ripe vegetables with the other ingredients.
Add the Bacon band butter and thoroughly stir everything together.

Divide the mozzarella into 15 small pieces.
Divide the dough into 15 muffin moulds and topped each with a piece of mozzarella.

Bake for 10-15 minutes, remove from the moulds and let cool on a wire rack.

Like most other baked goods these are best eaten fresh, but stay well moist for a few days. Exactly enough time to be cooked Sunday evening and still be a delicious food package supplement in the coming week.
For a bit of variety, try replacing carrot with red beetroot, add a small finely chopped onion with the butter while it melts, and a small kick in the form of a little chilli powder does not harm either.